Waterproof Solar Powered Backpack with USB Port

Posted by SB

• Brand: Fanspack
• Perfect bag for traveling, camping, schooling, hiking..etc..
• Lightweight, easy and convenient to carry..
• Features removable 5.3 watts solar panel..
• Up to 24% high efficiency sunlight energy conversion rate..
• Comes with USB port for charging mobile devices and gadgets on the go..
• Perfect for use with portable power banks for energy storage..
• For direct charging, ensure that the solar panel is getting enough sun light..
• Spacious backpack for personal belongings like clothes, books, tablets, laptops, smartphones and so on..
• Anti-theft design with adjustable padded shoulder straps for comfortability..
• Breathable mesh for quick heat dissipation..
• Dimensions: 11.8 x 7.5 x 18.5 inches, 1.7 pounds..
* Color, size and weight may vary..

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