Waterproof GDealer Meat Thermometer with Foldable Probe

Posted by SB

• Brand: GDealer (DT09)
• IP67 Waterproof Cooking Thermometer with 4.6-Inch Foldable Food Grade Stainless Steel Probe..
• Features digital LCD mini screen display..
• Fast and accurate readings within four seconds..
• ºF and ºC temperature measurement units..
• Automatic power-off after ten minutes of non use..
• Temperature Range: -50°C ~ 300°C (-58°F ~ 572°F) with ±1°C/±2℉ Accuracy..
• Great! for BBQ grilling, food preparation, cooking, fish, meat, chocolate coffee, milk, candy, cheese..etc..
• Also suitable for measuring temperature of your bathing water..
• Easy to use and can be calibrated..
• Overall Size/Dimensions: ~ 6.3 x 0.9 x 2.2 inches..
• Weight: ~ 2.4 ounces...

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