Tips For Safe Online Chatting

Posted by Dee Tee Dee Tee
* Use various features to protect your identity and prevent random contact with strangers or people you do not know or trust.

* Make sure strangers don’t know too much about you just from reading your ID and your contents.

* Online Ids or user names can communicate something about the person behind them, so be certain of what you are willing to share especially with people you have never met one on one.

* Whatever you choose, remember that your ID or user name should be suitable, not too revealing, and (most important) fun.

* Don’t chat about things that could enable a stranger to locate you. That includes the name of your school or work place, the city you live in, and where you hang out.

* Protect your info and contents from strangers. Don’t put identifiable information in your user profile, including sensitive photos and materials. What's uploaded to the Internet can be downloaded and shared by everyone.

* Avoid posting pictures that allow strangers to locate you.. More so avoid posting sexually suggestive images.

* Never meet with someone you encounter in a chat room unless you already know who they are.

* Be honest about your age. Some online Chats  are restricted to users who are 18 years of age or older. If you are too young to sign up, do not attempt to lie about your age. Talk with your parents about alternative sites that may be appropriate for you..

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