Job - Store Manager - Kroger- Cleona, PA USA

Job Details
Company: Kroger
Location: Cleona, PA, US

Create an outstanding customer experience  through exceptional service. Establish and maintain a safe and clean environment that encourages our customers toreturn. Embrace the Customer 1ststrategy and encourage team members to deliver excellent customer service. To implement and coordinate plans,in store, to achieve the sales, profitability and growth objectives of the Division. To carry out and enforce Company policies and merchandising programsand the supervision, training and development of all team members. To promote and maintain good customer and community relations. Demonstrate the company'score values of respect, honesty, integrity, diversity, inclusion and safety of others.
Essential Job Functions:
*.Complete responsibility for total store operation taking whatever action necessary, within the scope of authority, to achieve total store sales andprofit objectives.
*.Provides leadership by setting a positive example for effective performance, initiative and service.
*.Implements plans for the accomplishment of sales and profit objectives.
*.Follows through and enforce the division's programs for controlling store operations.
*.Oversees programs designed to achieve profit objectives.
*.Ensure proper use and maintenance of store facilities and equipment.
*.Promote effective communications among all team members.
*.Keeps District Advisor informed of issues, problems and or concerns.
*.Implements Company merchandising plans which lead to the accomplishment of sales objectives.
*.Follows through on the District Advisor's plans and directives for utilizing store facilities.
*.Uses display equipment and materials properly.
*.Does store walk and checks perishable departments often
*.Checks local competition often.
*.Is responsible for adjusting orders based on current business conditions.
*.Recruits, interviews, employs and orients team members.
*.Ensures that all new team members are properly trained.
*.Promotes continuous training programs for all team members
*.Coaches and develops team members as necessary through proper leadership skills
*.Encourages team member interest and self-development.
*.Directs efforts of all team members assigned, directly or indirectly
*.Carries out a program for customer service, favorable store and company image and customer satisfaction.
*.Creates customer goodwill by maintaining desirable shopping conditions, giving good service and by handling customer issues/complaints according tocompany policy.
*.Monitors customer services as performed by all team members.
*.Ability and willingness to perform team members duties as needed.
*.Must be able to perform the essential functions of this position with or without reasonable accommodation.
Minimum Position Qualifications:
*.Strong customer service skills
*.Prior leadership experience
*.Willingness and ability to lead others through coaching and development ..More Details » [Apply on Company's Page] 
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