Job - Overnight Grocery Customer Service - Wegmans Food Markets - Fairport, NY USA

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Job Details:
Company: Wegmans Food Markets
Location: Fairport, NY

 As an Overnight Grocery team member, you will work with others to accomplish tasks within deadlines..
How do I make a difference?
Providing Incredible, Knowledge Based Customer Service
*.Ensure day time operations run smoothly by unloading deliveries, breaking down delivery skids, walking aisles, stocking, refilling and rotating items on shelves
*.Utilize available resources to complete tasks within a designated time frame
*.Keep an organized, simplified and well maintained backroom by placing products to be shelved onto runners, sorting back stock onto pallets and maximizing workspace
*.Support other departments by unloading their overnight deliveries and placing skids in their designated area of the backroom
*.Approach customers to assist them in locating products and seeking to offer solutions to questions or concerns
Ensuring High Quality Products & Ingredients
*.Re-shop misplaced products, shrink out damaged goods and refill missing items to ensure product levels are maintained and aisles are kept in pristine shopping condition
*.Handle products in a way that reduces the amount of damaged goods and shrink throughout the store
*.Properly handle products, use equipment, keep accurate logs and follow sanitation practices in accordance with food and human safety guidelines, and Simplification 5S procedures..
*.Support, encourage, and respect co-workers
*.Work with supervisor to set and achieve goals for professional development
*.Comply with Wegmans Policies and Work Rules, as well as, federal and state laws
*.Maintain open lines of communication with supervisors and coworkers to ensure the most efficient operations in the department..

What skills, learnings, and experiences are required?
*.Possess teamwork & diversity awareness by listening to others' points of view and recognizing and appreciating differences
*.Recognize and seek opportunities for continuous learning to gain new understandings, skills and knowledge
*.Provide incredible customer service, acknowledging customers, listening to their needs, proactively offering assistance and thanking each customer for shopping with us
*.Properly handle, prepare, transport and store products; ensuring food & human safety practices are strictly adhered to
*.Possess organizational skills, prioritizing requests and department activities while managing interruptions and attending to details to complete tasks within deadlines
*.Has knowledge of products used throughout the store and works across departments to provide knowledge based service to assist customers in finding complete meal solutions
*.Utilize resources to educate self and others about product uses and characteristics, being sure to share acquired product knowledge..
What skills, learnings, and experiences are preferred and will set me apart?
*.Customer service experience, preferably in a food service, grocery or retail setting
*.Experience working overnight hours
*.Able to problem solve, anticipating, analyzing, and identifying problems, responding quickly when situations arise and preventing problems when possible
Work environment:
*.Work includes walking, standing for up to 4 hours without a break, kneeling, squatting frequent heavy lifting, shelving of product, repetitive hand and arm movements, bending, and reaching, along with interaction with customers and co-workers. Work may involve exposure to and work in cold and below freezing temperatures. The average weight range of items lifted is 8-32 pounds with a maximum weight lifted greater than 50 pounds occasionally. You may receive assistance with heavy items, if available. May be exposed to various allergens (things that may cause an allergic reaction)
*.Work includes use of hand pallet jack, power pallet jack, power walkie-reach, scissors lift or WAV unit.  Wegmans certification required for use of power equipment
*.Employment at Wegmans may be contingent upon your completion and our evaluation of a drug screen and/or criminal background check
*.All Applicants will be screened; only those closely matching the job posting will be interviewed ..More Details » [Apply on Company's Page] 

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