Head-ship in marriages and homes..

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Posted by NiceGuy NiceGuy
How on earth would a man use the same mouth he used to propose marriage tear the same woman down to an extent that she looks like a shadow of herself?
The concept of head-ship isn’t freedom to do whatever you like without being questioned; head-ship is actually taking responsibility.

There is no responsible leader that wouldn’t be accountable for his time, relationships and the money in his custody. Not having a sense of accountability is one of the reasons our world is the way it is which nothing but a failure on our part is as men.

Head-ship doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get help in your areas of weakness. For example there is no point insisting on managing your family finance if your wife is a better money manager than you; there is no point battling with inferiority complex because she earns more than you if you are a true leader; and there is no point trying to flex your muscles by cutting her off from relating with opposite sex because you feel insecure.

Head-ship is being sensitive to the resources God has placed around you and cultivating them into finished products that the whole world would be proud of. A true head cultivates his wife and sets her free as a matter of fact the hall mark of every good head coach is his ability to make a world class player out of a raw player and you’d realize that the players in most cases is the cynosure of all eyes while the coach is somewhere behind where he is not too conspicuous yet grinning with a sense of pride at what his player is doing.
* Can you dare give wings to the bird in her to fly or can you give expression to the dream in her heart?
Head-ship is influence and in most cases has got nothing to do with noise making. God isn’t a noise maker yet runs everything behind the scene.
* Can you dare become that kind of leader in your home? How well can you truly serve your family?...

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