Flies/Mosquito/Bug Eliminator Insect Zapper Ultraviolet Lamp by Elivern

Posted by SB
• Brand: Elivern
• Chemical and Odor Free. Safe for children and pets.
• Suitable for restaurants, hotels, bedrooms, living rooms, offices..etc
• Up to 800V working voltage..
• Equipped with turn-on/off switch..
• Insulated fire-resistant plastic shell and grid to prevent electric shock.
• Easy to clean and remove dead insects.
• 360°All round harmless Ultraviolet ray lights.
• Covers up to 30m²/323sq area/room.
• Made from advanced fire- resistant ABS material.
• Strong, safe and durable..
• Certificated by FCC, CE, RoHS..
• Power: AC 110V/60HZ...

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