Driveway Nightlight Solar-Powered Ground LED Lamp

Posted by SB

• Brand: TomCare
• Lighting Type: Flickering LEDLight Flames..
• Great! for walkways, gardens, gateways, car parks, patios, driveways and so on..
• Needs no wiring connection and easy to install anywhere..
• Features mono crystalline solar panel with 2200mAh rechargeable li-ion battery..
• Automatically powers on at night and off at dawn..
• Recharges during day time via sunlight energy..
• Up to twelve hours working time after fully charged..
• About eight hours charging time under bright sun light..
*Note: Charge for up to two bright-sunny days before use for the first time..
• Rainproof and all weather-proof..
• Perfect and safe alternative to real lighting "flames"..
• Dimensions: 4.7 x 4.7 x 32.7 inches, 3.2 pounds..
* Color, size and weight may vary..

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