Dog's Toothbrush Chewing Stick Play Toy

• Brand: Kaleni
◦ Great! for cleaning dogs' teeth to prevent bad breath and dental diseases.
◦ Made of durable, safe and non-toxic rubber materials.
◦ Dogs chew and play with the toothbrush stick, thereby self-cleaning their teeth.
◦ Features bristles with small holes on every sides of the top part.
◦ Comes with sweet-smell mint flavor toothpaste that attract pet dogs.
◦ Simply squeeze into the top hole and the stick will self dispense the toothpaste as your dog chew.
◦ Suitable for dog breeds of all sizes; small, medium and large dogs.
  *Note: Allow puppies to chew the stick/toothbrush under your supervision for not more than five minutes each time..
* Color and specs may vary..

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