Car Backseat Multi-Storage Pockets Holder Organizer by OYRGCIK

Posted by SB

• Brand: OYRGCIK — 43217-15200.
◦ Made of premium quality durable polyester material..
◦ Water-resistant.. Machine-washable..
◦ Customized size that fits the entire back seat of most vehicles..
◦ Offers more space for your items..
◦ Helps to protect the back of your car seats from dirt and liquids..
◦ Features multiple storage compartments, including mesh pockets to keep items in view..
◦ Organizer pockets for bottle drinks, kids toys, books, tablets, other smart devices and so on..
◦ Dimensions: 24 x 16.14 inches.. Weight: 0.44lb/pcs, Adjustable Strap Length: 15inch(Top), 43inch(Bottom)..
  * Color, size and specifications may vary..

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