Beginner's Guide on Poultry Farming and Business by Kimberley Willis, Robert T. Ludlow

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• Book Title: Raising Chickens For Dummies..
• Author: Kimberley Willis with Robert T. Ludlow..
• Cover Type: Paperback (432 Pages)..
The book is an up-to-date guide for first-time poulterer.. You will learn step by step modern methods of raising chicken;
* Easy-to-follow instructions on how to choose and purchase chickens..
* Tips on feeding and caring for your chickens for optimal health..
* How to recognize and deal with diseases..
* Ways to incubate eggs, hatch and nurture chicks..
* Combating problems associated with laying..
* Learn about the stages of growth — from chick to adult..
* Know the basics about chicken biology, breeds, and behavior..
* Ways to control pests and predators..
* How to build, construct and customize the right housing coop or nest for your chicken..
* Learn best practices for mating your chickens..
* How to optimize egg production and manage laying hens..
* Steps for collecting, cleaning, and storing eggs..
* Tips on feeding and caring for your chickens..
* How to supplement feed with grit.. And lots more...

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