Battery-Powered Smart Remote Cooking Thermometer

Posted by SB

• Brand: ThermoPro (TP-07)
• Digital 300Ft Remote Cooking Programmable Thermometer with 6.5-Inch Food-Grade Stainless Steel Probe.
• Comes with preset temperatures for specific cooking/grilling: fish, meat, turkey, chicken, ground beef, pork and so on..
• Great! for monitoring your cooking process from a distance..
• Precise, accurate and specific temperature readings..
• Features backlit LCD screen display that changes color (blue->green->red)..
• Temp. Range: 0~300°C/32~572°F, ±0.8°C/1.5°F accuracy..
• Cooking Functions: barbequing, fish smoking, grilling, meat processing, oven food preparation..etc..
• Certifications: CE/FCC certified, FDA/ROHS approved probe..
• Comes with built-in alarm..
• Category: Kitchen Accessories..
• Weight: ~ 8.3 ounces..

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