Attributes women look out for in a man

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1. Humor
Women want a man who can make them laugh, or at least show them the humour in even the most uncomfortable situation. The ability to joke at the stresses of life, and being in a relationship, is a must. Unfortunately, not every man is born with the ability to make people laugh, but just being able to laugh is often enough to diffuse a situation. Show her you can laugh at yourself and life’s little mishaps and she’ll find it irresistible.

2. Leadership
One desirable quality women often notice involves a man’s passion for side projects — your hobbies and interests that fill the time between job and sleep. She mostly likely finds one (or many) of these things that you do fascinating and that makes you incredibly desirable. Women want a man who’ll give them a peek into another world. Teach them something they don’t know about a subject you’re passionate about. Of course, there’s a fine line between that and boring them to tears with inane details and jargon, but if she shows some interest, indulge it. There is nothing more desirable than a man opening up and sharing his passions with a woman.

3. Father Figure
Being a good father (or exhibiting the potential that you will be some time in the future) is incredibly desirable to a woman — especially those who enjoy a close relationship with their own father. Being a good dad involves qualities like patience and compassion — qualities women want in a partner for their own needs and the eventual needs of their kids. Think about how you treat kids and cute animals. Are you always shooing your younger nephew away when he wants to play? Do you shun your friends’ pets when you go over? Maybe it’s time to start playing nice with others.

4. Kindness
Kindness is an important and desirable quality which many men sadly lack a little. This is based on the widely held belief that to make it in this world, a man needs a tough exterior and killer instinct. Kindness is consistently ranked as one of the best and sexiest qualities a man can have. A man who treats you right, is nice to other people and gives back to his community is a catch..

5. Generosity
There are two different types of generosity and both are incredibly desirable to the opposite sex. The first is being generous with possessions — donating gifts or money to charities or those less fortunate. The second is being generous with time — spending time with people in need of a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to cry on, or with the special woman in your life.

6. Creating Surprises
It’s true that women love excitement, especially in a new relationship, and there is no better way to keep that excitement alive than being slightly secretive. There’s a huge difference between being slightly unpredictable and being aloof. In the later stages of a relationship, keep it mysterious with things like weekend plans or surprise gifts for special occasions.

7. Honesty
Men usually don’t have an issue making commitments to a woman — the issue is usually with the follow-through. Women want a man who’ll keep a promise and stay true to his word, even if it’s something as simple as dinner plans or a weekend getaway.

8. Faithfulness
Women enter a relationship with the intent of being in it for the long haul. They want to know their partner is making the same commitment. Prove from the start that you’re faithfully committed — watch that wandering eye in public, and don’t go exchanging flirtatious texts with old flames — and she’ll do the same.

9. Confidence
Confidence is crucial. A man secure in his own skin makes a woman feel secure. This involves not only the way you treat others, but the way you carry yourself in public and in private. A confident man can handle unfamiliar situations with ease and assurance, and won’t be rattled if he commits a minor gaffe, even if everyone’s watching.

10. Passion
Ask any woman fresh out of a relationship for the key reason the partnership fell apart and one word you’ll hear a lot is “passion.”
Be passionate about her completely — show interest in her not only sexually but emotionally as well. Take an interest in the things that make her tick — from her work to her volunteer work, her hobbies and life goals..
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