Ancel Vehicle Battery Load Diagnostic Tool

Posted by SB

• Brand: ANCEL
  ◦ Model: BST500
• Features backlit LCD screen display..
• Fast and accurate results within seconds..
• Comes with a built-in printer for printing test outcomes..
• Functions: car battery load testing, crank/starter checking, charging system analyzing, scanning..
• Applicable for all types of vehicles; cars, lorries, trucks, tricycles, motorcycles and so on..
• Supports direct testing of batteries in cars and no need for removal..
• Able to analyze quick starters without disabling the ignition..
• Compatible with all types of battery; lead-acid, regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, gel, and deep cycle batteries..
• Comes with clamps with reverse polarity protection..
• Power Voltage: 12Volt/24V..
* Color and size may vary..

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