AcoPower 100Watts 2-Panel Solar Power Generator with Controller

Posted by SB

• Brand: ACOPOWER (UV11007GD).
• Foldable Two-Piece Solar Panels (50-Watt Each) with Charging Controller (10A)..
• Kit comes with pre-installed stands for easy installation and needs no separate mounting brackets..
• Aluminum frame for lightweight and solid structures..
• Panel Type: Grade A monocrystalline (high efficiency)..
• Function as ready-to-use solar generator or as storage power bank with a 12-volt battery (of high amps) for later use at night..
• For faster battery charging, another solar panel (up to 40watts maximum) could be added..
• Features MC4 connectors, corner protectors, Anderson plug, Junction box with diodes..
• Other Accessories: alligator clips, fuse, protective bag/suitcase with handle, latches..
• Overall Size/Dimensions: 25.4 x 19.9 x 2.9 inches..
• Weight: 25.6 pounds..

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