1400W Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Kitchen Blender by MengK

Posted by SB
• Brand: MengK
• 1400Watt Commercial Blender with 67oz BPA-Free Pitcher..
• Two-horsepower 25,000 peak.. 2-liter capacity..
• 64-ounce (8 cups) BPA-free container for home and business applications..
• Can help you achieve perfect crushing, mixing, mashing and control processing..
• Features high quality sharp blending razor blades..
• Precise timers for making fruit juice, vegetable smoothies, cereal grinds, sauces, coffee, soups and so on..
• Four-rubber pad for stability at the bottom..
• Gravity switch safety protection that shuts off automatically..
* Color and specs may vary..

Category: Kitchen Appliances..

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